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To many people, bleach is the smell of “clean.” But bleach is toxic, and causes many accidents each year in households which harm small children, pets, and adults. Bleach can also form a noxious gas, which if inhaled can cause asthma, cancer, and DNA damage, among other illnesses. What are the side effects of using bleach? It’s Cleaning Time! is here to answer your questions! 


Side Effects of Inhaling Bleach Fumes 

Bleach releases poisonous fumes that can irritate your eyes and lungs. It is thought that bleaches that come in a gel form in as a thick liquid can produce the most harmful fumes.  While using bleach as directed, consumers will not typically be exposed to chlorine gas, but if the bleach mixes with other household chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine gas is produced. Some of the side effects of chlorine gas exposure are

  • Shortness of breath
  • Lung irritation
  • Fluid build up in lungs
  • Coughing

The severity of the side effects of chlorine gas exposure largely depends on the amount of chlorine gas and the length of exposure time, however, these side effects can be deadly. If you feel like you may have been exposed to chlorine gas, call poison control or 911.


If you have allergies, asthma, are elderly, or have an otherwise compromised immune system, you may notice that you are sensitive to bleach. Bleach is extremely irritating to your eyes, skin, and lungs. Children are even more at risk, with more sensitive lungs that are smaller and fill up with toxic fumes much faster. 


Children and Pets: The Dangers of Bleach Exposure 

In the United States, 50,000 cases of accidental bleach poisonings are reported each year, making bleach poisoning the number one cause of accidental poisonings in the country! Whether labeled incorrectly, or just within reach, it is a serious concern of any parent. Bleach poisoning in pets, which can occur through inhalation or because they lick their feet or fur after it has come into contact with cleaners containing bleach, can cause vomiting, convulsions, and death. 


Green Cleaning Bleach Alternatives 

As a professional cleaning service in Austin, the people in our community are our first priority. At It’s Cleaning Time, we use green cleaning alternatives to bleach that when we clean the homes and offices of our Austin, Texas clients. Our cleaning products are natural and nontoxic to pets and children. Have peace of mind that your home is not only clean, but free from harsh chemicals and toxins!


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