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We were born as a company committed to offering an excellent cleaning service to our clients in Austin and the surrounding areas. We sought to understand each individual and their specific needs, offering flexible plans, eco-friendly products, and services focused on attention to detail.

Searching to offer a better experience, we understood that the needs and priorities of everyone have changed in many ways for the better and that our company also was ready to transform itself.  People are creating different spaces in their homes to allow them to experience and achieve their goals. These spaces are functional, relaxing, inspiring. Some invite to play, others to study or to read. People purposely use their time and energy and have specific needs to accommodate their home or office cleaning in their schedules.

Having a house cleaned and in order is no longer a luxury; it is a way of living, a means to succeed in all other areas of our lives. We understand that cleanliness allows for mental clarity, physical health, and stability. In addition, it helps us to achieve balance and enjoy our relationships. Regarding who does the cleaning, we feel good in a clean home, and that has a positive impact that lasts for many days and influences our lives positively.

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Each person, each space, each moment is different, understanding this is essential to offer everyone what they need, at the right time and in the right way.

The services we offer are as varied as the life of each person, we are here to understand the person, at their time and their needs, to later be able to offer what best allows them to enjoy life in their spaces or just the pleasure of having a clean space.

Specialized services

There are many types of services that are adapted to specific needs, however, for us, the most important thing is to know that there are many types of people, many moments and stages of life, so before describing our services we offer our different approaches.

Although performance in our tasks is important, today, harmony and creativity are fundamental, we need to be able to have places where we feel relaxed and focused, that invite us to work while enjoying what we do. We need a service that is discreet and punctual, people who can practically decipher how concentrated we are, how much we need to be alone, or how much we need our space to be cleaned.

We are young and it is the first time that we live alone, or it is the first place that we take as a couple, life with all its possibilities opens up, everything outside is ready to be discovered, our space is vibrant, it denotes energy, vitality, enthusiasm. The service we need is dynamic, fast, without complications, the most important thing for us is to have the ideal energy to continue growing.

With the arrival of the children, the family grows, and with it, the needs and peculiarities of the space, coexisting in balance is the constant search. We do not know where so much energy comes from, but we understand that the most important thing is to find and maintain balance in our family ecosystem as if it were a single organism that requires balance in everything that makes it up. The service we require is the best possible, but also flexible in terms of schedules, prices, and needs.

There comes a time in the life of every human being, where the most important thing is the quality of life, making the most of every moment, contemplate, enjoy both family and solitude, company and independence, we need a close service that we trust but at the same time discreet, that the cleaning seem to happen by itself.

Specific Services

without saying that when a house is thoroughly clean, we will see all its beauty. We will also see the shapes and true colors of every item in it.

It is time for deep cleaning when almost every space in the home looks dull, and dust is sitting in high areas and corners. Of course, every home is different, but having a yearly deep cleaning will help maintain the house thoroughly clean and with a new sense. After cleaning time, performs a top to bottom cleaning, your house will shine, and you will suddenly feel that everything in the home is pristine again.

Deep cleaning service includes everything we do on a regular cleaning service plus a high dusting service: dusting of every corner, reachable fans, lamps, and blinds; wiping down all reachable baseboards, built-in furniture, doors, and door frames; detail cleaning all the bathrooms and kitchen fronts of cabinets; wiping down all furniture, decorations; vacuuming all carpets and floors; mopping all floors. In addition, you can request cleaning inside the fridge, inside the oven, inside the pantry, and the closets.

A clean home allows us to relax more; when our house is clean correctly, we tend to be more comfortable, which might rub off on the time we spend with our family.

It is easy to maintain the home clean without thinking about it every time by having a regular cleaning scheduled. However, at cleaning time, we understand that some areas of your home need more attention than others and will offer solutions for a clean and happy home.

Our regular cleaning service includes picking up the trash through the household, dusting reachable fans, lamps, baseboards, furniture, and decorations; thorough cleaning of the bathrooms mirrors, countertops, sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, and partitions; wiping down the kitchen countertops, appliances, sinks, microwave, stove, range hood, and furniture. In addition, you can request changing linens, making beds, vacuuming sofas, tidying up, washing dishes, putting dishes away, and any of our unique services.

A one-time initial regular cleaning service to make you fall in love with our services!

When your home is well kept but hasn’t been clean by us, it might need more elbow and attention in all areas. Of course, the cleaning takes longer, but it’s all worth it!

Our crew at cleaning time will arrive ready and excited to clean your space for one time or maybe for the first time with cleaning time!

The prerequisite to our Keep it nice and clean (Regular Cleaning Service).

The state of our homes can determine the level of our hospitability. A clean house will increase our desire to share our space with friends!

Little by little, dust and cobwebs collect and hide at the corners and wherever possible: on fan blades, lamps, frames, and wall decorations, door frames, window decorations, blinds, and high furniture.

A high dusting service includes dusting with a 12 to 16 ft pole to reach high corners and microfiber dusters to trap the dust down, wiping down all reachable lamps, mirrors, and furniture tops with a 2 step ladder.

So, you check around the toilet seat and around the base to see how clean it is? We do too! Isn’t it nice to have all the bathrooms cleaned at once? What a pleasure to take that first shower or a bath with aromatic oils in the air and a fresh, clean towel to pamper ourselves!

Our bathroom cleaning includes cleaning each bathroom with fresh microfibers: dusting lamps and decorations; cleaning and disinfecting light switches, doorknobs, mirrors, countertops, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets; vacuuming, and mopping floors.

The kitchen is more than the cooking space for most people, and it is the informal gathering place; it is where life happens. It can be the place for the morning coffee and the busy week breakfast or the family dinner. But, it is also where we talk and maybe, do our daughter’s hair braids, wash the kid’s hands, or start a romantic dinner, have a phone conversation with a friend to mention just a few of the different scenarios that happen in what we all know as the heart of our homes.

Our kitchen cleaning includes wiping down all the kitchen furniture, all countertops, the front of all kitchen’s and laundry’s appliances, the stove hood and stove surfaces, inside and outside the microwave; dusting all decorations, and changing the trash bags, vacuuming all floors, and mopping floors.

One thing is for sure at home, and there is constantly cleaning time for some particular area!

It is ideal to have all the different cleaning time services included throughout the year, so all other areas at the house are cleaned and maintained correctly. Just ask us to design a plan for your particular home needs and schedule it on a calendar throughout the year, then we will remind you in advance so that you can relax knowing that the cleaning of your home is taken care of adequately.

Sometimes your home just needs something extra, something that is not included in your service regularly. We have a list of special services but what makes them special is you. Please check them and ask us to add this or that to your next service.

Our cleaning time special services include: changing linens, cleaning inside the fridge, cleaning inside the oven, taking the trash bins to the curb or the garage, wiping down doors or baseboards, bringing towels to the laundry room, cleaning the front of cabinets, wiping down entrance doors, cleaning the pantry, and more!

There is such an energy about moving out! So much excitement for the future and the past you are leaving behind! 

After removing all items, rugs, and furniture from the house, dust, dirt, and grime inevitably show up. 

Our move-out cleaning service includes: dusting all corners, lamps, fans; wiping-down windows inside, windows rails, windowsills, inside cabinets, inside drawers, stair railings, built-in furniture, doors, door frames, light switches, detail cleaning, and disinfecting all bathrooms and kitchen, cleaning inside the refrigerator and oven, vacuuming floors, and carpets, and cleaning the entrance. In addition, you can request special services like carpet cleaning.

When selling your home, you cannot overstate the importance of cleanliness. Well-maintained houses that are tidy inside and out will naturally attract more buyers and better offers. A clean residence will also fetch you more money since people automatically assume it has been well taken care of.

Are you getting ready to sell your home, and it’s already empty? The Make-Ready cleaning is just what your home needs to be sold at the best price as your future owner will feel the care you put into it and just focus on everything that makes it special!

If your home has furniture, then cleaning time, deep cleaning service, and some special services will professionally prepare your house to sell.

You will suddenly feel that everything in the home is pristine when it is carefully clean. This fresh feeling makes you handle things differently in the house. For example, it may affect how you step on the floors because a part of you wants it to remain in such a pure state.

It might be that the previous owner or the builder has cleaned the house but consider that once you are there at your new space with all your belongings ready to be put in their place, you want it to be as fresh and clean as possible. Most of the time, you won’t have a better time to clean inside each door, drawer, closet; you got it! And really, what about the bathrooms and the kitchen?

The purpose of a move-in cleaning service is to make the new house a clean and disinfected home for you. It includes everything we do on a deep cleaning service plus a thorough cleaning of all drawers’ interior, inside cabinets, and inside closets throughout the house. In addition, you can request a disinfecting service of all the house with a Victory™ fogger machine and Vital-Oxide™ non-toxic disinfectant.

A clean home creates in us a sense of accomplishment. It does not matter who handled the cleaning job, but you feel accomplished living in a clean house.

An unbelievable amount of dust is everywhere, I mean! But, no worries,
cleaning time crews are experts in bringing it down. So your space will be back under control and ready to be used as we leave!

As it can be any part of the house or living space, please check out our list and ask for your specific cleaning needs from it.

Cleanliness reduces clutter. When clutter is clear, the brain can better concentrate on the task at hand. Therefore, in essence, by cleaning your workplace regularly, you improve the focus of your employees. In addition, of course, improved focus results in increased productivity.

We get that your office is a unique place, a space where you create the future! Where you are at the best of your productive hours and energy. Your office is the place where you receive your clients, have meetings, and sometimes even rest. You want the cleaning time to be accommodating, quiet and unnoticeable, and we get it.

Our office cleaning services include: collecting trash and recyclables, dusting all reachable fans, lamps, baseboards, decorations, and furniture throughout the office; detail cleaning and disinfecting rest, common and kitchen areas, and bathrooms; vacuuming, and moping. In addition, you can request carpet cleaning and other special services like putting dishes away.

Beyond Green (Eco-Friendly Products)

At cleaning time we started using eco-friendly products since 2005 for health purposes. In those early days, I was diagnosed with an immune condition exacerbated by the toxicity of cleaning products and other factors. The reality was that toxic effects made me tired, and I needed my strength, health, and stamina, so using non-toxic products was part of my solution.

Being aware of nature and how we affect it matters to the global well-being, but what can we personally do? At cleaning time, we believe that any tiny effort matters, and we have a long way to go to be sustainable, but little by little, we will get there! We are almost paperless, are using some concentrate cleaners to dispose of less plastic, and use cleaning products that are natural and safe and some others that are as green as possible and that can perform, clean, and disinfect properly. Of course, we recycle all we can, and I have to say that I would love to be even more proactive, like not using plastic at all, but it hasn’t been possible for the moment.

We are very aware that people are sensitive in different degrees to chemicals or are not at all like most of my family members.

We use products from different brands; please feel free to request a list or provide us with the cleaners you prefer us to use instead.

We are aware of the possibility of cross-contamination from home to home carried by vacuum cleaners. We clean them after each cleaning job. Lately is getting harder to use vacuum cleaners with disposable bags that have enough suction power and are light enough to be used by our workers, considering that they carry and push and pull the vacuum cleaner for hours a day. Therefore, using bagless vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners with larger disposable bags that we can’t change in every home has to be an option. If this is a concern for you, we strongly suggest that our team use your vacuum cleaner.

We have been cleaning homes in Austin and surrounding areas since 2003 and have cleaned countless homes and offices. Even though your home is unique in itself, we have the experience of cleaning spaces of any kind. We have procedures geared to deliver an exceptional cleaning together with caring customer service. We want you to receive the same quality service every time. If you aren’t happy for any reason, let us know within 24 hours, and we’ll be sure to make it right.

At cleaning time, we kindly appreciate your feedback and know how important your community’s opinion is. So please give us a review if you are happy or let us make it right if we fail to fulfill our promises.

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