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There are so many areas and items in an average Austin clean home that need to be cleaned that it’s really easy to forget some of the most important ones. We tend to forget about both things that are out of sight and things that we see so often, they don’t really even register in our brains anymore. When you’re giving your home a good once-over, be sure to remember these five important things in your kitchen:

Refrigerator condenser

The condenser unit is the collection of curvy tubes on the back (or side or bottom) of your refrigerator. It pulls heat from inside the appliance and transfers it to the outside. Cleaning these coils helps your refrigerator use less power, work better, and last longer – they should be cleaned at least two to four times a year, or more often if you have pets that shed any amount of fur or feathers. Before you start, be sure to consult the owner’s manual for your refrigerator to check for any warnings or special information that will help keep you and the appliance safe. Then, using a flashlight to help you see, carefully and gently run a refrigerator coil brush behind and through the condenser tubes and then vacuum the condenser with a brush attachment. Finish by vacuuming the floor in the area to pick up any dirt and dust that got away.

Range hood

The filters over your stove collect lots of grease and dust, so they need to be well cleaned every three to six months. Begin by cleaning the outside of the range hood in a method that’s appropriate for its material – a solution of vinegar and water or mild dish soap and water will probably do the trick. Next, remove the filters. You can wash them in the dishwasher (without any dishes), or you can sprinkle them with baking soda and soak them in a sink or tub filled with very hot water. Let them stand for several minutes, then scrub them with a soft-bristled brush, being careful not to damage the filter fibers. Rinse with clear water and let the filters air dry completely before putting them away.

Garbage can

Even if you always use a garbage bag, grimy, germy detritus can still build up inside and outside your kitchen garbage can, so it should be cleaned regularly. Wash it outside or in the shower using hot, soapy water, and use a scrub brush to scrape away stuck-on particles (which may be there even if you can’t see them). Rinse with clear water and let dry, then spray with a disinfectant before replacing the can in the kitchen. This will help you maintain a clean ATX household.

Knife block

Your knives get washed regularly, but what about the place you store them? Dirt, dust, and crumbs can build up in its slots, and the outside may get splattered with germy food particles. Turn the suction on your vacuum up to high, then hold the nozzle over your empty knife block. Clean the outside of the block as you would clean a wooden cutting board.

Curtains, shutters, and blinds

Cleaning these items seems hard and can take a while, so many people put it off or ignore the chore entirely – but your food prep area should be nice and clean, with no threat of dropping dust or wandering germs. Spot clean splatters with a disinfecting wipe or all-purpose cleaner and soft cloth. Once a month, vacuum your window treatments with low suction and a dust brush attachment. At least once a year, remove your blinds and curtains and give them a thorough deep cleaning.

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