Do you find yourself constantly searching through your closet, not being able to find what you’re looking for? Maybe it’s time for a new method of organization. Finding a fun way to organize your closets won’t only make it easy to find the exact shirt you want, but it can also help make it fun, and easy for your children when they are putting their laundry away. Here are some tips from your favorite Austin maid service, It’s Cleaning Time!

Warm & Cold

A great first step to getting a good handle on organizing your closets is to organize depending on the weather. Hang all of your warm-weather clothes on one side, and all of your cool-weather clothes on the other. Use the middle space to hang things such as belts, scarves, bags, etc. Separating this way will make it much easier to pick what you want to wear, depending on the temperature outside.

Color Coding

An organization strategy that is workable for everyone is color-coding. Young kids to older adults, having a fun colored-coded closet is hard not to enjoy! By organizing your closet by color, never again will you have to dig around looking for the right shirt to match those favorite wedges.

Shoe Storage

While we’re on the topic – whether you have lots of shoes, little closet space, or both, you’re going to need a place to put them all. Finding the right shoe storage for your closet can help you optimize your space. Hangers for the back of your closet door or stackable shelves are great for the shoe enthusiast.

Austin Cleaning Company – It’s Cleaning Time! 

Getting your house decluttered and organized can take some time. Making it fun can make it easier, and seem to go faster. Although, when all is said and done, sometimes the last thing you want to do is clean after doing all that organizing. That’s why It’s Cleaning Time!, is the Austin maid service that you’ve been looking for. Offering regularly scheduled cleanings, deep cleanings, and all in an eco-friendly way, make It’s Cleaning Time!, your first call.

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