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Austin's Best Eco-Friendly House Cleaners

Cleaning Time started providing professional cleaning service throughout Austin, Texas and nearby areas in 2003. From the very beginning, cleaning for us has been about more than just cleaning.

We provide detailed, personalized attention to your home so you can feel a warm welcome at the end of a busy days.

We seek to understand each individual and their specific needs by offering flexible plans, eco-friendly products, and services focused on attention to detail.

Austin Maid Services

Life is ever-changing and full of possibilities!

Our families grow, we get that big job promotion, our dream trip finally arrives… Or maybe, the opposite happens…

Sometimes, a clean space helps us and empower us to attain our goals, other times it provides a sanctuary that supports us when we most need it. 

We know that your needs will vary, as will the needs of your spaces. 

We focus on providing excellent cleaning services throughout Austin, Texas and nearby areas.  We strive to adapt to you by providing flexibility in schedules, pricing and plans.


Home Clean Home!
Wherever you are, whatever the situation is at home, we've got you covered.

Move In/Out

Life is full of adventures...
Wether your moving in, moving out or helping your client, we've got you back!


Improve productivity, achieve your goals
and impress your clients. Nothing speaks professionalism like a clean space!

After Construction

There’s nothing like a newly built space...
But immediately the dust is everywhere!
We'll make your hard work shine!

Carpet Cleaning

Reduce allergies, harmful bacteria and bad odors. A professional carpet cleaning does more than meets the eye.

Full Disinfection

Peace of mind, peace of heart!
Vital Oxide is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant cleaner. Its formula kills mold, bacteria and virus.


Got something else in mind?

Browse our Additional Services or contact us directly and we’ll get you set up!

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9 Things To Look For In A Trustworthy House Cleaning Service in Austin, Texas

House Cleaning Services | Austin, TexasAre you tired and worn out after work? If so, you’re not alone! A recent study concluded that the average American spends at least three hours per week cleaning their home. This is time better spent relaxing, and it’s all possible if you hire the right house cleaning service!

Of course, you can only relax if you know that you’ve hired the most reliable cleaning company! The following 9 tips can help you get started and weed out any unscrupulous service providers.

1. Look For Experience

The longer a company has been in business, the better! Having been around for years not only points to experience in the field, but such services are less likely to scam you. Companies that look to scam homeowners will often quickly shutter their businesses and reopen under new aliases.

Accreditation is another aspect of a service’s background you should actively consider. For example, a company with high Home Advisor ratings points to a trustworthy service.

2. Consider Customization Options

Is the cleaning service open to offering customized options? After all, it’s your home and you have a list of needs that require careful attention. A trustworthy service will work closely with homeowners to accommodate all of their needs and requests.

Bear in mind that it’s not uncommon for the company to lay down some ground rules. For example, some services require homeowners to strip their own beds. At the end of the day, know what your expectations are and discuss them with potential companies.

3. Check For Liability Insurance

Any trustworthy cleaning service will have their insurance coverage properly sorted. This is especially an important consideration in case any property damage or accidents occur during cleaning. Does the insurance policy cover potential damage?

Bear in mind, a cleaning technician may also get injured on the job. That means you should not get stuck paying any worker’s compensation. Though properly insured companies will charge higher rates, the extra peace of mind is well worth the investment.

4. Inquire About Guarantees

Any reputable cleaning service will offer a guarantee and take responsibility for their own actions. If any of your belongings are damaged or harmed in any way, the company needs to make things right and cover the cost of the damage.

Is your satisfaction guaranteed? Trustworthy companies will provide free complimentary touch-ups or a cleaning session if you’re not satisfied. However, that’s not necessarily a norm and some companies simply don’t care about your satisfaction.

5. Employees Versus Contract Workers

Depending on the cleaning service you choose, they may either have permanent employees or use contract workers to carry out the cleaning tasks. The downside to working with a company that uses contract workers is that they treat their technicians as expendables and that shows inconsistency in their work ethics. Employees, on the other hand, have permanent jobs with better training and guaranteed skills.

6. Perform Your Own Background Checks

It’s important to perform your own interviews and background checks before working with a service. These cleaners will enter your home, so you need to have a solid level of trust.

Always ask if a potential cleaning service hires individuals after conducting background checks. Most importantly, don’t shy away from asking for proof of references!

7. Who Provides Cleaning Supplies and What is Used?

Will a company use their own cleaning supplies or do they require you to provide them? For example, Cleaning Time brings their own supplies to every job. All of our products are green and safe for your pets and your family. However, that may not always be the case and there are exceptions.

8. Discuss Service Charges

How will a cleaning company charge for their services? There are plenty of options ranging from per visit, by the hour or in some instances, by the square foot.

Make sure to get a written pricing estimate on the services. Bear in mind, a reliable quote should include the amount of space cleaned, frequency of cleanings, and the level of service.

9. Check For Hidden Costs

Make sure you know upfront exactly what service charges exist. There’s always the potential for hidden costs within a service. For example, some companies charge a cancellation fee to make up for lost wages.

Certain services charge based on the type of dwelling you live in. Condos and townhomes may, in rare instances, incur extra rates. Asking about these charges ahead of time will ensure that there aren’t any surprises.

Cleaning Time can help you meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations! When hiring the right company, it’s crucial to tick off all of the right boxes.

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