A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing Maid Services

There are now nearly 1,207,300 cleaning companies across the US. Before you hire residential cleaners to spruce up your home, you need a plan to narrow down your options. Hiring a maid can help you keep your home dust-free and organized year-round.

Not sure how to find the best maid services in the area? Here are a few tips that can help. With these tips, you can feel confident a qualified professional is arriving at your door.

Begin your search for cleaning services with these tips today. 

Talk to Other Homeowners

Start your search on the right foot by gathering referrals. Speak with friends, family members, and other homeowners in the area. Ask if they’ve hired residential cleaners in the past year.

If they have, learn as much as you can about their firsthand experiences. Consider drafting a list of questions you want to ask about the professional cleaners they hired. For example, you might ask:

  • Did the cleaners arrive on time
  • Were they professional and polite
  • What services do they offer
  • How much did their services cost
  • Are you satisfied with the services you received

Ask each homeowner if they encountered any problems after inviting the cleaners into their home, too. For example, maybe the cleaners didn’t do as thorough of a job as the homeowner hoped.

Once you build a list of residential cleaners that service your area, use the rest of these tips to narrow down your options. 

Read Online Reviews

If you’re unable to gather recommendations from friends and family members, don’t worry. You can still get firsthand accounts from other homeowners online. After searching for residential cleaners in the area, check the company’s:

  • Website
  • Better Business Bureau listing
  • Google Business profile

These resources can help you learn more about each cleaning company on your list. They also provide client reviews. Read a handful of reviews from each website.

If you find a number of complaints against the cleaning company, remove that company from your list. Make a note of the complaints you find. For example, maybe the cleaners lacked experience or didn’t arrive on time. 

Perhaps they were rude or unprofessional.

Prioritize finding professional cleaners who already have a stunning reputation in the industry. Cleaners with a strong reputation will likely want to maintain that reputation by upholding high standards. 

You can feel more confident choosing one of these businesses. They won’t drop the ball when cleaning your home. 

Check Their Experience

As you start narrowing down the choices on your list, look into each company’s history. Determine how long the company has offered cleaning services in town. Find a long-established business and team with years of hands-on experience.

An experienced team is less likely to make mistakes when cleaning your home. They can leverage their experience and expertise to make sure you receive the best possible services.

Experienced house cleaners often have a process in place to ensure the utmost efficiency, too. They won’t waste valuable time cleaning your home. They also won’t make mistakes that can affect the surfaces throughout your home, reducing the property value.

For example, using the wrong cleaning supplies on the wrong surfaces (or using an “all-purpose” cleaner).

Determine if the company is affiliated with any professional organizations. Otherwise, determine if they’ve won any awards or accreditations.

Finding a company with accreditations, awards, and affiliates can help you gauge their level of experience and expertise. These teams also dedicate their time to meeting the highest standard for their clients. 

Before hiring a maid, ask the company about their team. Do they hire part-time maids or do they have a team of full-time employees? Full-time employees have likely completed training to ensure they offer the best services. 

Review Credentials

Don’t rush to hire residential cleaners just yet. Instead, look into the company’s credentials. Make sure they’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

Ask for proof of these documents before hiring the company.

A cleaning company with worker’s compensation insurance won’t hold you accountable if an employee is hurt on the job. Their general liability insurance will protect you if your property is damaged or your possessions are stolen. Hiring a company with the proper insurance coverage can give you peace of mind. 

If the company refuses to provide proof of these credentials, keep searching. 

Explore Their Services

Before hiring residential cleaners, consider the specific cleaning services you’re searching for.

For example, maybe you’re moving into a new home and need initial cleaning services. This service allows you to move into a fresh, stunning home. You can also use these services if you want to sell your property to impress buyers.

Consider investing in recurring cleaning services to keep your home spotless throughout the year. Regular cleaning services can minimize dust and allergens.

Clutter can leave us feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed. Organizing your home can benefit your mental and physical health.  

You might also need deep cleaning services if it’s been a while since you last thoroughly cleaned. 

Otherwise, consider green cleaning services

Compare Prices

Ask three different companies on your list for an itemized list of the services they provide. Compare your options to determine the average price of cleaning services in the area. 

If someone’s pricing is too high or low, determine why that is. Ask each company if they’re offering any specials, too. 

Once you narrow down your options, consider scheduling a trial run. Determine if the company can meet your expectations. If you’re satisfied, consider recurring services to ensure your home remains spotless!

Squeaky Clean: Find the Best Maid Services Today

Finding the best maid services in town shouldn’t feel stressful. Instead, use these tips to find experienced residential cleaners. With their help, you can keep your home looking its best throughout the year.

Discover a new level of squeaky clean by hiring a maid today.

Eager to get started? Calculate your estimate and hire your residential cleaners!

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