7 Signs of Quality House Cleaners

The average American spends almost 24 hours cleaning every month. That’s an entire day! What would you do if you had an extra day’s worth of time every month? 

If that idea appeals to you, it might be time to hire professional house cleaners. They’ll make quick work of a messy home and cut down on your cleaning time. What are you waiting for?

If you’re not sure how to find the right cleaners for your home, we’ve been there. We’re here to talk all about the signs that a professional cleaning team is high-quality and trustworthy.

Read on to learn more. 

1. They’re Open to Your Suggestions and Requests

Cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all service. All good cleaners are aware of this and they understand that some clients may have special requests that are outside of “the norm.”

Let’s say you want to get your home cleaned, but there’s one room you don’t want them to touch. Or, perhaps, you don’t want one particular piece of furniture cleaned because it’s delicate.

You should be able to convey this information to professional cleaners and they’ll keep it in mind when they arrive. 

On the other hand, you may want an extra service that isn’t usually included in their packages. You may have to pay extra for it (depending on the situation), but as long as you explain it to them, they should be able to do it for you or explain why it’s not within their current capabilities.

In short, you should be able to communicate your needs when you’re hiring cleaners and they should respond respectfully. 

2. They Use High-Quality Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products are equal. You want your cleaning company to use high-quality products and equipment so your home can be as clean as possible.

It’s reasonable to ask a cleaning company about cleaning products before you officially hire them. If you or anyone in your household has allergies or sensitivities, it makes sense that you’d be particular about your products!

Make sure the cleaning products aren’t going to harm pets or children (if applicable). If necessary, ask if they have alternative cleaning products available.

3. They’re Clear About Pricing and Services

You should always know approximately how much you’re going to pay for your maid services before it’s time to pay. While there are some things that can happen on the job that would cause the price to change, the company should be able to give you an accurate estimate before they begin. 

Their services should also be clear. You should always know what you’re getting for the price. If you have questions about the prices, a representative should be happy to answer them. 

Being upfront about prices and services is a sign of a trustworthy cleaning company. 

4. They’re Licensed and Insured

When you hire someone to come to clean your home, you may not consider whether or not they’re licensed or insured. How much can it matter when someone is cleaning a home? 

If a company is licensed and insured, it shows that they’re operating by the books. They’re protecting themselves, their employees, and their customers.

While an independent cleaner who cleans as a side hustle may not bother to take those steps, all companies should. If a company isn’t operating legally, it may not be trustworthy. 

5. The Cleaners Seem Happy

When cleaners arrive at your home, do they seem content to be there?  

Cleaning isn’t a glamorous job, and it is, of course, work, but happy employees indicate a trustworthy company that treats those employees well. They pay sufficiently and they provide enough training for the professional cleaners to do their jobs with confidence. They provide everything the employees need to work well. 

The cleaners should be respectful and do their jobs with pride. They’ll work quickly but they’ll never rush through a task. 

6. They Guarantee Their Work

In most cases, clients are thrilled with their professional house cleaning. But what happens if something goes wrong? What if a professional cleaner accidentally misses something, or if they’ve done something poorly? 

Any good professional cleaners will guarantee their work. 

Ask them what happens if you’re not satisfied with their cleaning services. They may offer to come back and fix the problem or offer some other form of compensation if you can provide proof that the job wasn’t done correctly. 

Again, however, it’s incredibly rare for such a thing to happen. Happy clients are the norm!  

7. They’re Always Happy to Answer Your Questions

If you’ve never hired a professional maid service before, you may be nervous about doing it for the first time. That’s normal! It’s okay to ask questions until you feel comfortable.

When you call or email the cleaning company, a representative should be happy to answer any questions you have. You can ask about prices, cleaning methods, services, and more. 

If a cleaning company is dodgy about answering questions, it may be best to look elsewhere. 

It’s Time to Hire Some House Cleaners

Finding the right house cleaners isn’t always easy, but these are the signs you can look for that indicate you’re making the right choice. 

Great house cleaners are open to questions, they guarantee their work, they’re clear and upfront about prices, and they take pride in what they do best: leaving you with a clean home. 

Are you getting ready to hire professional cleaners for your home? We want to meet you! Get an estimate for your home today.

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