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Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services

If this is your first time hiring Cleaning Time, we welcome you!

The Initial Cleaning Service is a more thorough cleaning designed to give your home a fresh start.

We’ll spend more time up front cleaning all those easy to miss areas. It takes longer, but it’s worth it!

This service is a prerequisite recurring cleanings.

Having a regular cleaning scheduled throughout the year is like having a success partner! We'll take care of your house cleaning needs and customize our maintenance service to your home and schedule.

Our Regular Cleaning Service includes:

  • Trash pickup throughout the house
  • Dusting reachable fans, lamps, baseboards, furniture, and decorations
  • Thorough cleaning of bathrooms mirrors, countertops, sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, and partitions
  • Wiping down kitchen countertops, appliances, sinks, microwave oven, stove, range hood, and furniture
  • Vacuuming and Mopping Floors

At Cleaning Time, we also understand that some areas of your home may need more attention than others, which is why we also offer specialized solutions for a clean and happy home (see Unique Like You Special Cleaning Services below).

You know it’s time for a deep cleaning when almost every space in your home looks dull, and dust has settled in high areas and corners. It’s like looking at an old photograph where the colors have faded a little bit.

A yearly deep cleaning will infuse your house with a sense of newness and vitality.

After Cleaning Time cleans your house from top to bottom, you’ll feel like everything in your home is pristine again.

Our Deep Cleaning Service includes everything from our Regular Cleaning Service, with a special focus on dusting:

  • Dusting every corner, reachable fans, lamps, and blinds
  • Wiping down all reachable baseboards, built-in furniture, doors, and door frames
  • Detailed cleaning of all the bathrooms and kitchen cabinets
  • Wiping down all furniture and decorations
  • Vacuuming all carpets and floors
  • Mopping all floors

In addition, you can request that we clean inside your refrigerator, oven, pantry, and closets.

When selling your home, you’ve got to get it clean. Really clean. Buyers are picky, and you want to make sure they fall in love with your home. 

The Make-Ready Service is just what your home needs to be sold at the best price.

Our Cleaning Time Make-Ready Cleaning Service includes: 

  • Dusting all corners, lamps, and fans
  • Wiping-down inside windows, windows rails, windowsills
  • Cleaning inside cabinets and inside drawers
  • Wiping down stair railings, built-in furniture, doors, and door frames
  • Cleaning light switches
  • Disinfecting all bathrooms and kitchen
  • Cleaning inside the refrigerator and oven
  • Vacuuming floors, and carpets
  • Moping all floors
  • Cleaning the entrance

If your home has furniture, then Cleaning Time’s Deep Cleaning Service, and Cleaning Time Special Services will professionally prepare your house to sell.

In addition, you can request a house-wide Disinfecting Service with a Victory™ fogger machine and Vital-Oxide™ non-toxic disinfectant.


 Get your new house clean and disinfected, ready so you can comfortably put your clothes, furniture and other belongings in the spaces you’ve designated.


After packing up all your major items, like your rugs and large furniture, the dust, dirt, and grime are revealed! 

Both Cleaning Services includes: 

  • Dusting all corners, lamps, and fans
  • Wiping-down inside windows, windows rails, windowsills
  • Cleaning inside cabinets and inside drawers
  • Wiping down stair railings, built-in furniture, doors, and door frames
  • Cleaning light switches
  • Disinfecting all bathrooms and kitchen
  • Cleaning inside the refrigerator and oven
  • Vacuuming floors, and carpets
  • Mopping all floors
  • Cleaning the entrance

In addition, you can request our Cleaning Time Special Services like Carpet Cleaning.

Special Services

Sometimes your home just needs something extra, something not included in your Regular Cleaning Service. We have a menu of special services...and what makes them special is you. 

Our Cleaning Time Special Services include: 

  • Changing linens
  • Cleaning inside the fridge
  • Cleaning inside the oven
  • Taking trash bins to the curb
  • Wiping down doors
  • Wiping down baseboards
  • Bringing towels to the laundry room
  • Cleaning cabinet surfaces
  • Wiping down entrance doors
  • Cleaning the pantry

After you clean your home, it inevitably gets dirty again. That’s a fact of life. 

Each cleaning project will be planned in advance on a calendar, and we will remind you when the time comes so you’re prepared for it.

We collaboratively create a customized plan with you to match your routines and plans and schedule it on a calendar throughout the year.

This is on top of your regular cleaning.

For example, the year could look like this:

  • January: Cleaning inside oven, refrigerator and pantry
  • March: Cleaning all doors and baseboards
  • May: Deep cleaning
  • July: Inside window cleaning
  • September: Carpet cleaning
  • November: Cleaning inside oven, refrigerator and pantry


By Area

We understand how important it is for every bathroom to be cleaned thoroughly. Our Cleaning Time bathroom cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning each bathroom with fresh microfibers
  • Dusting lamps and decorations
  • Cleaning and disinfecting light switches, doorknobs, mirrors, countertops, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets
  • Vacuuming, and mopping floors

The kitchen is more than just a place to cook dinner. It’s often the de facto gathering place for many families. It’s where life happens. 

Our Cleaning Time Kitchen Cleaning Service includes:

  • Wiping down all the kitchen furniture, countertops, the front of all kitchen and laundry appliances, stove hood and stove surfaces, inside and outside the microwave
  • Dusting all decorations
  • Changing the trash bags
  • Vacuuming all floors
  • Mopping floors

Little by little, dust and cobwebs collect and hide in every corner of your house: on fan blades, lamps, frames, wall decorations, door frames, window decorations, blinds, and high furniture.

A Cleaning Time High Dusting Service includes dusting with a 12 - 16 ft pole to reach high corners, and microfiber dusters to trap the dust. We wipe down all reachable lamps, mirrors, and furniture tops with a 2 step ladder.

Additional Services

A clean home starts from the ground up! 

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning

  • Reduces allergies
  • Extends the life of your carpet
  • Contributes to a healthier environment
  • Removal of dirt, stains and bacteria
  • Enhances overall appearance of the room

Your furniture is one of the most valuable investments you made for your home.

Having them professionally cleaned prolongs their life along with other countless benefits for your home such as minimizing odours and improving your indoor air quality.

Vital Oxide is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and odor eliminator. Its formula contains a unique form of stabilized chlorine dioxide that is very effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and mold yet non-corrosive to treated articles and gentle enough to handle without causing skin irritation.