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In 2003, Cleaning Time began offering professional cleaning services in Pflugerville, Texas, and the surrounding regions. However, cleaning has always meant more to us than just tidying up.

Our approach involves providing customized, meticulous care to your home, ensuring that you feel warmly welcomed at the end of a long day. We strive to comprehend each client’s unique requirements and cater to them through our adaptable plans, use of eco-friendly products, and focus on precision.

Our Cleaning Services

Life is a dynamic journey, bursting with opportunities and change!

As our families expand, we climb the career ladder, and our travel dreams become a reality, or perhaps things take a different turn…

A well-organized living space can sometimes serve as a catalyst to help us achieve our objectives, while at other times, it can offer a place of refuge when we need it most.

At Cleaning Time, we understand that your requirements and space necessities will differ. Therefore, we concentrate on offering exceptional cleaning services throughout Pflugerville, Texas and the neighboring regions. Our goal is to provide you with flexible scheduling, pricing, and plan options to meet your specific needs.


Home Clean Home!
Wherever you are, whatever the situation is at home, we've got you covered.

Move In/Out

Life is full of adventures...
Wether your moving in, moving out or helping your client, we've got you back!


Improve productivity, achieve your goals
and impress your clients. Nothing speaks professionalism like a clean space!

After Construction

There’s nothing like a newly built space...
But immediately the dust is everywhere!
We'll make your hard work shine!

Carpet Cleaning

Reduce allergies, harmful bacteria and bad odors. A professional carpet cleaning does more than meets the eye.

Full Disinfection

Peace of mind, peace of heart!
Vital Oxide is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant cleaner. Its formula kills mold, bacteria and virus.


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How To Find An Incredible Cleaning Company That Will Perfectly Meet Your Needs

Cleaning Services in Pflugerville, Texas.The average American spends 1-3 hours a week cleaning. Looking for more time to unwind? Consider hiring a housekeeper!

Want someone to come to clean your house but don’t know how to pick the best individual for the job? Don’t worry, we have everything you require right here! Here are 9 tips for finding the best house cleaner for your needs.

1. Verify their credentials and experience.

Find out how long a house cleaner has been in business if you’re thinking about hiring one. Companies that have been in business longer are significantly less likely to be frauds.

Why? When a business has a bad reputation, it is common for it to close and reopen under a new name.

Furthermore, accolades help to ensure the company’s credibility. Cleaning Time Cleaners, for example, has the highest rating on Home Advisor.

2. Find out What Services They Offer

When looking for a house cleaner, have realistic expectations. Find out if the degree of service is flexible and if the firm takes requests. It’s your house, so explain your cleaning preferences.

Take note that your housekeeper may make certain requirements of you as well. Some organizations, for example, demand you to remove the bedding ahead of time. The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods.

3. Determine if they have insurance.

It is critical to verify the cleaning service’s insurance. For example, if the cleaning service causes any damage, would they cover it or will you be held liable? What if there is a robbery?

Another consideration is worker’s compensation. You definitely don’t want to be liable for paying for any injuries that arise on the job. Companies that provide them are a little more expensive, but they’re definitely worth it if something goes wrong.

4. Do They Offer Any Guarantees?

It is critical to inquire about assurances. For example, if anything breaks or is damaged, you’ll want a firm to manage it. It may appear to be plain sense, but there are many firms out there that will not agree to pay the losses.

Also, enquire about satisfaction guarantees. If you aren’t happy, what’s the protocol? Some firms will provide a touch-up, some will provide a complimentary cleaning, while yet others will do nothing at all. All of these details must be determined ahead of time.

5. What Type of Worker Do You Want?

When looking for a house cleaner, you should consider the sort of worker you want. When hiring via a cleaning firm, they will usually use either employees or contract workers.

Contract employees are cheaper but tend to be seen as more disposable. Because they are viewed as replaceable, they are not always taught regularly. Employees have greater oversight, better training, and better working conditions, but they are typically more expensive.

6. Conduct an interview and a background check.

It is critical to conduct an interview. After all, the house cleaning will be visiting you. The interviewing procedure will help you know who you can trust.

Asking for a background check is also advised. Or, at the very least, guarantee that the firm employing the person follows through on them. Collect and contact their references as well.

7. Inquire About Cleaning Supplies

Find out in advance if they’ll be using their own cleaning materials and tools or utilizing yours. Cleaning Time Home Cleaning, for example, uses our own cleaning materials. Other firms may need you to supply brooms, vacuums, and other goods.

8. Discuss Rates in Advance

It’s crucial to enquire about costs upfront. Will you pay by the hour, by the number of visits, or by the square footage?

Getting a quotation can assist greatly. For example, we provide a price service depending on your home’s square footage, the service needed, and the frequency of cleaning requested.

9. Ask About Any Extra Charges

It’s also a good idea to inquire about any additional fees. This prevents you from being caught off guard by unexpected expenses. For example, many firms charge a cancellation fee to compensate for missed income.

Some firms may charge more for certain types of houses. So whether you reside in a townhouse, condo, or apartment, inquire ahead of time if it incurs an extra price. And make sure you provide the personnel with adequate directions so they can access the building or complex!

Looking for a House Cleaner: Now You Know!

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re looking for a house cleaner! Contact Cleaning Time Cleaning Service to see how we can help you rescue your weekend one cleaning at a time!

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