Our furry friends are just that – they’re furry! And all that fur can wreak havoc on clean Austin homes – as much as we love our pets like family, they’re often the main culprits when it comes to extra dust, fibers sticking to our clothes and furniture, and allergens trapped in our homes. It’s Cleaning Time offers these great suggestions to help your family cope with an abundance of pet hair in your home.

Fur on car upholstery – The car is a smaller space than even your home, and if your car’s upholstery is fabric, it’s probably a guaranteed pet hair magnet – at least until you sit down, and then all that pet hair transfers to your clothes! The quickest and easiest way to remove pet hair from your car is to put on a rubber glove and dampen it slightly, then run it over your car’s seats and floors. (This method is also a quick-and-easy fix for soft surfaces inside your home!) The rugs and carpet in your car may need a quick vacuum to finish up.

Fur on hard surfaces – There’s nothing more obnoxious than seeing a dust bunny made of pet hair go skittering across your wood, tile, or linoleum floor. If your answer is a push-broom, the most effective sweeping pattern is to start with the outsides of the room and work your way to the middle. Be cautious as you sweep debris into the dust pan and carry it to the trash to make sure that the pet dander doesn’t just fly right into the air or onto the floor again. Many people prefer to use special cloths that attract and lock in dust and pet hair, however – you don’t even need to buy those expensive disposable ones. Simply buy the broom-like tool for the disposable cloths, then attach a reusable microfiber cloth instead.

Fur on carpet and furniture – When it comes to vacuuming up pet hair, not all sweepers are created equal. If pet hair or fur is a major problem in your home, it will probably be worth it in the long run to invest in a vacuum that’s specifically designed to pick up those fibers. And whether or not you have a pet hair vacuum, investing in a static-removal spray can be a big help as well – simply spritz it over your carpet or furniture and wait a few minutes, then vacuum as usual and be amazed and how quickly and easily the pet hair disappears.

Fur in your washer – If you’re frequently washing clothes and bedding that have a nice coating of pet hair, it can collect in the washer and wreak havoc on your machine. To minimize damage, vacuum the washer’s drum with a soft brush attachment at a time when it’s dry, and clean the drain pump filter frequently. Taking care of your appliances will help you keep your ATX home clean.

Fur in your bathtub drain – Pet hair can clog drains just like human hair! The best way to minimize this issue is to groom your pet regularly and pay special attention to the times of year when some dogs and cats shed their undercoats. Always brush your pet thoroughly before you bathe them to decrease the amount of fur that will fall out when they’re in the tub. And because you’ll never be able to elimnate all shedding during baths, don’t hesitate to use a store-bought or homemade drain cleaner from time to time, especially if you’ve noticed that your tub is draining more slowly than usual.

Remember that It’s Cleaning Time can help you stay on top of many of your home cleaning needs, especially vacuuming and dusting around your home. Pet hair doesn’t stand a chance against us!

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