We love to clean Austin homes at It’s Cleaning Time, and while it may not be attached to your house, your car is certainly a part of your home! Think about how much time you spend in the car and all the things you do in there – traveling, listening to music, connecting with friends and family, eating, and even sometimes sleeping and personal grooming! Nobody wants to do those things in a dirty, cluttered environment, so follow our advice for keeping your vehicle neat and tidy.

Mechanical car washes at gas stations and other facilities may seem like a quick and easy solution for cleaning the outside of your car, but their voluminous brushes often do more harm than good. Instead, it’s much better for your vehicle to take a couple of hours on a warm day and wash it yourself. Remember to read the label on any cleaning product you use to clean your car, as application instructions may differ from product to product or car make to car make – and remember to always check up on local laws about run-off from cleaning products that might reach sewer systems and water ways.

Always begin with clean towels and washing mitts, and keep different sets for use on your windows, wheels, and chassis. Start by wetting the body of your car with a hose or power washer (be sure you know how to use this tool properly, or else skip it). The initial rinse should remove an large pieces of dirt and debris that could leave scratches if they got rubbed into the paint. Then use an automotive soap and a damp car-cleaning mitt to wash the body of the car. (If you use dish soap or laundry detergent, you may strip away wax and/or damage the vehicle’s paint job.) Use your hose or power washer to rinse off all the soap.

If little bumps remain on the surface of your car, you may have tree sap or other materials bonded to the paint, and you can use a clay bar to remove them. Knead it into a flat square or circle and use it in conjunction with a detailing liquid to remove stubborn substances.

Apply polish to your car if you’d like, then apply either polymer wax or carnauba wax. Use an automotive window cleaner (not a regular household glass cleaner, as it can damage your car windows’ tint) to wash your windows, and don’t forget to roll them down a little to clean the portion that goes up inside the seal. Clean the blades of your windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol, and shine up cloudy headlights with toothpaste and water. Use a wheel-cleaner to clean your wheels – if you’re not sure what your wheels are made of, go with an acid-free aluminum wheel cleaning product.

A clean car is a happy car, and it will certainly keep the driver and passengers happy as well! We don’t care for cars at It’s Cleaning Time, but our friendly, affordable ATX maid service is the perfect solution to care for the inside of your home! Check out our website to see all of our services, and give us a call today!

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