Austin house cleaning is our passion at It’s Cleaning Time! If you think about it, your car is really an extension of your home. As a follow-up to our recent article about cleaning the outside of your car, check out these great suggestions for cleaning the inside of your car, to keep your vehicle tidy and keep your short journeys and long road trips moving smoothly.

Believe it or not, cleaning the inside of your car really doesn’t have to take more than fifteen minutes! To start, you’ll need a trash bag and two baskets or storage bins, one of which will stay in your car, either between the front passenger’s and driver’s seats, or between the front seats and the back seats. Pick up any and all items hanging out on the floor of your car. If you find trash, throw it in the trash bag. If you find items that need to go inside your house (or at least leave your car), toss them into the basket or bin that won’t be staying in the car. Use the other basket or bin to corral items that should stay in your vehicle, such as CDs or tissue boxes.

Next, remove the rugs from your car and shake them well. If they’re really dirty, you can clean them with an upholstery cleaner, or spray them with stain remover and throw them in the washing machine. Use a shop vac or hand-held vacuum cleaner to sweep your vehicle’s floor and seats. Use an upholstery attachement to get into seams and divots, or use a small toothbrush or stiff paintbrush to dig crumbs and dust out of these areas so they can be swept up. If you have a lot of pet hair hanging out on your car’s upholstery, you may need to use a lint roller or rubber squeegee tool to help you get rid of it all. Use the same brush you used for the seats to clean between the slats of your air vents and around the buttons and knobs on your dashboard.

If there are sticky or gunky things on your car’s vinyl or leather, much of it can be removed with a magic eraser. If the vinyl is textured and the magic eraser can’t get all the yucky stuff, you can scrub the area(s) gently with a toothbrush and some diluted dish soap. A little bit of all-purpose cleaner and a scrub brush can handle messes on cloth upholstery. Use baby wipes to wipe down all the hard surfaces of the inside of your car – except the windows, of course! Use an automotive window cleaner on them, as household glass cleaning products can damage vehicle windows’ tint. Be sure to pay special attention to the cupholders in your car, as they have a tendency to develop a build-up of sticky goo.

Once the inside of your car is fresh and clean, you’ll be so glad you put in the time and effort to make it happen! At It’s Cleaning Time, your Austin-area maid service, we’re always happy to put in the necessary time and effort to make your home neat and tidy. We can handle everything from occasional light dusting to deep cleaning to make-ready and move-out services. Give us a call today and see how we can help your family!

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